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Iftekhar Ahmed Abbasi, Arjumand Seemab Nishter (Birote). S Basit Raza Shah (Mansehra), Col (R) M A Qureshi (Rawalpindi), M H Awan (Karachi), Aijaz A Abbasi (Bhan) and Haider Ali Abbasi of Birote.

The land of Circle Bakote possessed beauty of nature as well as auriferous by thoughts, rationalism, logical, philosophical and mental. They are sitting on the epistemological heights of knowledge. It is a honor of Kohsar, especially Circle Bakote and UC Birote that this region be rich with philosophical scholars……… scholars of material, spiritual and social sciences as Al-Jebra, Physics, Chemistry, Bio Sciences, History, Theology.


Entering students often think of a PhD as a 'magnum opus', a brilliant research project culminating in a great work. This is rather a demanding model and few students win Nobel Prizes as a result of their doctoral studies. As one colleague phrased it, a PhD is less like hacking through the jungle with a machete, and more like crawling around on the ground with a magnifying glass - less major discovery of new lands, more painstakingly detailed investigation of familiar ones. (Read more

WHAT IS M Phil…..?

The MPhil is a research degree in its own right and one which will give you a similar skill set to a PhD. Even if does not have the elements of originality and knowledge creation which characterize a PhD, it is an achievement and a significant piece of research. It can lead to method development or to testing the robustness of existing theories. (Read More)

Difference between M Phil and PhD

Numbers also differ between the two degrees. For MPhil, the candidate is asked to complete a 2-year study for such whereas for PhD, it is a year longer. Nevertheless, an MPhil applicant’s length of study can extend to 3 years (similar to a PhD) whenever the study is only on a part time basis. Moreover, the thesis paper of an MPhil candidate is expected to be somewhere between 20 thousand and 40 thousand words. This varies depending on the topic or field of concentration. On the contrary, a PhD thesis is expected to be twice as much ‘“ about 40 thousand to 80 thousand words all in all. (Read More) 

Time line of higher education in Kohsar

The 1st PhD of Kohsar was Dr. Mohammed Reaz, He belonged to Alyote (علیوٹ) , Murree. He awarded the highest academic PhD degree by Tehran University Iran on new findings of Persian Literature’s dimensions in 1966. He served as Chairman Persian Department in AIOU Islamabad till death in 2002. (Other PhD from Murree.... read more)
Ladies PhDs of UC Birote 
Dr. Tahira Haroon
The first PhD of Circle Bakote is Dr. Tahira Haroon, professor and Chairperson of Mathematics in Comates University Islamabad. She is elder daughter of Babu Mohammed Irfan Alvi (Read more), grand step son of Hazrat Pir Faqirullah Bakoti in Birote. He was Deputy Auditor in Military Accounts Office in Rawalpindi. She awarded as 1st PhD leurate of Pakistan from Quaid e Azam University Islamabad in 2000. Her Phd thesis is related to Newtonian Theories. She is living in Islamabad (Read more)

Dr Saima Koser Abbasi D/O Haq Nawaz Abbasi gained her highest acadmic degree of PhD from Hazara University in Urdu Literature. She belonged to Bhan, Birote Khurd. She is living in Abbottabad city and continue teaching in a local private college.

Dr. Khurram Shahzad Abbasi is an other Birotian (VC Saran Bandi) Professor, Researcher and (Hardware/software) Design Engineer with PhD in Electronics, MS in Electrical Engineering with specialization in System-on-Chip at Bahria Instititute of Management and Computer Sciences, Bahria University, Islamabad.
My objective is to contribute towards the development of my country, Pakistan, by applying my knowledge and skills through academic/industrial channels in the fields of Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, and Digital Design for Industrial Automation & Control. His research publications are .....

  1. Shahzad, K.; Peng Cheng; Oelmann, B., “Architecture Exploration for a High-Performance and Low-Power Wireless Vibration Analyzer,” Sensors Journal, IEEE , vol.13, no.2, pp.670,682, Feb. 2013
  2. Imran, M.; Shahzad, K.; Ahmad, N.; O’Nils, M.; Lawal, N.; Oelmann, B., “Energy Efficient FPGA based Wireless Vision Sensor Node: SENTIOF-CAM, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. PP, no. 99, June 2014
  3. Malik, A. W. , Thörnberg, B. , Anwar, Q. , Johansen, T. A. & Shahzad, K. Real Time Decoding of Color Symbol for Optical Positioning System”, Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, vol. 12, PP, no. 2015 ..... (Read More)

Dr. Arjumand Seemab have completed her M.Phil mathematics from Nust Islamabad in 2014, now she is doing P.hD from Nust University. She belonged to Village Council Kahu East, her mother Farrukh Nishter was ex-principal of GGHS, Birote. Now his elder sister is serving there as principal. She has done her M Phil in education from Hazara University Mansehra. Her younger sister MEHR SHBAB SUNDAS is topper of Rifa University in Islamabad and won Gold medal on intellectual victory stand on 26th Nov, 2016. <Read more>

Daughter of Mukhteyar Abbasi S/O Qalander Khan of Bhan, Birote Khurd is a future PhD leurate. She is a student of Karachi University..... (Requaired more information) Three PhDs Drs are in Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi of Birote....... Information is in progress 

Male PhDs of UC Birote 
Dr Mudasir Abbasi
Dr Mudasir Abbasi is the brightest English, Arabic and Urdu PhD leurate of Kahoti, Birote. He passed his MA exam from Minhaj ul Quraan University Lahore and than won a seat of M Phil and PhD in Islamic World oldest and dignified Al Azher University Cairo, Egypt on scholarship basis. His PhD thesis research covered his Dhond Abbasi tribe origin in Midle East as his scholarly work named as "Comparison of Islamic Laws formed in Abbasid era and modern era" or مقارنة فقه الاسلامى في العصر العباسي و عصر الجديد۔ He returned back to Lahore after political destabilization of his host country. He is in Spain now and working as a researcher in Cordova University (جامعہ ْقرطبہ). He is host and presenter at Huda TV Channel, Makkah Al-Mukarramah. He is Secretary General of Global Reconciliation Society. <Read more>

Dr Awais Shibli

Dr Awais Shibli belonged to highest educated Qureshi family of Birote Khurd and Basian as his uncles Irshad Qureshi was Director Education Department Islamabad, Sidiq Qureshi was Director AIO University Islamabad, Maqbool Qureshi is Cival Engineer in Saudi Arabia and his father Col (r) Mushtaq Qureshi was  Director at GIK University Topi, KPK and Director Admn and Students' Affairs Hamderd University Islamabad. He possessed Public Administration degree from Punjab University in 1985. Dr Awais Shibli gained M Phil from Kingdom of Sweden in computer science and PhD from same country in communication security during session of 2006-9. His PhD research paper titel is "Network Security Infrastructure and Application of mobile agents with tested creation clasification and application in secure manner during execution and deploymewnt of mobile agents" <Read his PhD Thesis> He wrote in his acknowledgement of his thesis "I am grateful to Allah Almighty for giving me the courage, determination as well as guidance in accomplishing this milestone in my life. I am really thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon me. I would like to express my special gratitude to Professor Sead Muftic for providing me the opportunity to work with him. I could have never been able to achieve my goals without his intellectual support and enthusiasm. He has been a source of constant motivation for me and will remain in the future as well. I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Professor Arshad Ali for trusting in my abilities and providing me the opportunity of studying at KTH. I wish to extend my utmost gratitude to everyone at Sec Lab for providing conducive environment for research and development. Finally I would like to thank my friends Ammar, Abdul Ghafoor, Mohsin, Qaiser, Ezhar and Haseeb for making my stay wonderful and memorable at Stockholm" He is living and worked in USA. He was former head of Computer Engineering Department at NUST University Islamabad foe 5 years.

Dr. Nadeem Abbasi is first English Literature leurate of Birote. He got his D Lit highest degree in 2010 from Paris University in France. He is son of Dilpazeer Abbasi of Birote and served as professor in AIO University Islamabad.

Dr Mohammed Atiq Abbasi
Dr Mohammed Atiq Abbasi is senior teacher at Osia, (Kohsar first and oldest academic institution GHSS since 1.5 century). He passed his SSC exam from GHSS Birote (old reuined building) and M Phil from Azad Kashmir University Muzafferabad. He is the first PhD scholar of his Khanal Dhund Abbasi tribe of Kaho East and second English Literature scholar in UC Birote. He submitted his highest research paper (English Literature) in AIOU Islamabad, defied and honored with PhD degree in 2014. He presented tribute to his teachers as " I have dedicated my Phd to My teachers at GHS Birote, Post graduate college Murree , AIOU Islamabad, especially my teachers at M.Phil and Ph.D level. I am greatly owed and indebted to Prof Dr Nadeem Haider Bukhari, Dean faculty of Arts .HOD English Dept Dr Ayesha Sohail .Prof Dr Raja Naseem Akhter and Dr Abdul Qadir Khan" on Nadeem Abbasi FACEBOOK page. He is son of Mohammed Suleman Khan and younger brother of Suab Abbasi, lived in Karachi.

Fasih Ahmed Abbasi S/O Dilpazir Abbasi of Akhorhan, Birote did his PhD from France English Languestic. He is lecturer at English Language Department at Quaid e Azam University Islamabad now.

Mohammed Daud Abbasi is PhD scholar in Biotech Science from International Islamic University Islamabad in 2011. He is Professor of his specialization field in Hazara University (Haripur Campus). He is son of Numberdar Mashkor Abbasi and grand son of Numberdar Qalander Khan of Central Birote.

MBBS Doctors of Birote

Dr Ilyas H Shah
Dr Ilyas H Shah is the first and pioneer MBBS of Birote since 1980. He belonged to Syed Mashadi Kazmi tribe. He did his MBBS from Jamshoro Medical College Haiderabad and than joined KPK Health Department. He served as medical practitioner in BHU Birote, Malkote, Ayoubia, Abbottabad and retired in 2015 at last. He continue his practice at his home in Birote now. (Read more)
Dr Hamaira Qureshi
Dr Hamaira Qureshi is MBBS in Psychology from USA in 2003. She is grand grand daughter of Molana Mian Mir Alam Qureshi in Mohra, VC Kahoo East, UC Birote.Her father Mushtaq A Qureshi is retired Colonal of Pakistan Army, ex-admin officer of GIK University Topi (KPK) and later Hamderd University (Islamabad Campus) and now elected secretary  of Pakistan Kidney Welfare Association Islamabad. She is living in USA and  running a America based company along with offices in UAE and Pakistan. (Read more) 

Dr Tahira Abbasi, 3rd younger daughter of Imteaz Abbasi of Naker Qubal, Kahoo East (MD of Imteaz Supper Market, a chain of group of companies in Karachi)  has passed her MBBS exam from Dow Medical University Karachi in 2005 and engaged in medical practice for 8 years at Zea U Din Hospital Nazimabad, Karachi under supervision of Dr Wahab Abbasi. She got merried in Alyotian Abbasi family, Murree and now living in Islamabad with her spouse family.

Dr. Israr Abbasi
Dr Israr Abbasi of Basian is currently working as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Senior fellow in 'Emergency Medicine' at King Faisal Specialist Hospital And Research Centre jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

Dr. Aisha Muneer Abbasi hold MBBS degree from Frontier Medical College Abbottabad and served 3-4 year at Federal General Hospital Chak Shahzad as a Medical Officer. She is moved to Qatar with her spouse Dr Israr Ahmed Abbasi of VC Basiaan, UC Birote.
Dr Adil Ramzan born at Dhoke Thathi, UC Birote on 8th August, 1989 in a midle class family. He matriculated from Seyed Ahmed Shaheed Academy (SASA Education System), a prestigious private educational institution of Birote, FSc from IMCB G-10/4. Islamabad, MBBS from Bannu Medical College under Khyber Medical University and also done various CME courses from orwerd Medical University. He is operated a medical website . He is also founder of Health Encyclopedia and Medical Education Health. He was President of his last college literary society and he is going to compile his literary work <Read More>

DR. Sana Awan

Mohabbat H Awan of Birote is also an historian and ethnological scholar of Awan tribe with more than 12 books. His 5 daughters DR. Saima Awan, DR. Sana Awan, DR. Amber Awan, DR. Saba Awan and DR. Zoya Awan  are MBBS doctors from medical colleges of Karachi. Two of them are living in Saudi Arabia and Australia with their spouse and practicing medical profession there. (Read more)
Dr. Hasnain
Dr. Sadia Irum Abbasi, wife of  Nadeem Masood Alvi of Tangan, Kaho East is also MBBS docter of UC Birote. (Read more) 
Dr. Hasnain Masood Abbasi of Birote is grand son of Haji Abbas Khan and elder son of Masood Abbasi, the largest poultry business icon of Northern Punjab.  He is first Veterinary Medicine Doctor of Birote from Faisal Abad Agriculture University in 2012. He is also a Co Executive of Islamabad Poultry Reader Co. <Read more>

M Phil Scholars of Birote
Who is the 1st M Phil Scholar of Birote but no doubt more than one dozen P Phils are completed their course and a half are in pipeline.

Syeda Juwairea Shah Kazmi is completrd her M Phil in Physics and now is engaged in PhD from COMSAT University Islamabad. She is daughter of late Syed Sajjad H Shah and daughter in law of Syed Iqbal H Shah, former teacher of GBHSS Birote and migrated Urdu poet in Mansehara. She is contract senior teacher of Physics at GGHSS Bakot now. <Read more>

Majid Abbasi
Noreen Banaras Abbasi D/O Mohahammed Banaras Abbasi of Mohra, Kaho West has completed her research paper related to Islamic Finance System defied her thesis from International Islamic University Islamabad. She gained M Phil dignified degree, leading to PhD in current year of 2015. She is waiting job call from Atomic Energy Commotion Islamabad.

Majid Abbasi, younger brother of General Maqsood Abbasi and former Nazim Birote Afaq Abbasi has got his M Phil degree from LUMS Islamabad and now in Jedah, Saudi Arabia, where he is a part of learning and teaching profession in an educational institution. 
Tayeba Ahmed
Tayeba Ahmed is also daughter of Mushtaq Qureshi and now studying in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad. Her M Phil research paper title is "Role of Genetics Poli morphisms in DNA repair gens in Othelia balder cancer susceptibility" publish in International Science journal in 2015. She is now got admission in COMSAT University as PhD student. His brother Dr Awais Shibli and Dr Humaira are also PhD scholars of UC Birote. Her other details are as same as Dr. Humaira.

Scholars in pipeline
Haroon Muzammil Abbasi

Haroon Muzammil Abbasi is in England and busy in research work of PhD in Economics. He is son of Muzamil Abbasi of Birote and former manager at National Bank of Pakistan (local Branch)

Haq Nawaz Abbasi S/O Nawaz Abbasi (Ex councilor) of Bhan, Birote Khurd is involve in Environmental Sciences' new findings as a researcher of PhD in a China University and may be completed his thesis in 2017. He passed his SSC exam from GHSS Bakote.

Wasib Atiq Abbasi S/O Ex General Councilor Atiq Abbasi (a political rebel of PML N) of Birote is now engaging in his M Phil research paper of Civil Engineering. He got admission in a UK University at Bred Ford town.
Junad Awan

Junad Awan is nephew of Muhabbat H. Awan is second M Phil of Alvi Awan of Birote. He did his masters in information technology with specialization in Automation and communication from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences on scholar ship. the topic of his master thesis was "Development of reusable tests for automatic generation of test suites for value added communication services". He is running scholar of PhD in Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in Germany now. His research group at DFKI is embedded Intelligence and topic of his PhD research is "Using Wearables for education" at DFKI. <Read more> He is son of Mohammed Younas Awan of Birote, who migrated permanently from Lamyan Larhan to Noonan, Islamabad. He got his MS degree from NUML Islamabad in Telecom subject.

Mah e Ummam alvi belonged to UC Birote and studying in Federal Urdu University Islamabad. She is in M Phil in Urdu Literarue first semester ends in March 2017 and is elder daughter of author of this blog journalist Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi.

Gold Medalist of UC Birote 

  1. Dr. Mhammed ...... Abbasi of Chaja, Birote have won Gold medal from ...... in ...... (information not completed)
  2. Mehr Shibab Sundas, daughter of ex-principal of GGHSS Birote, Mrs Farrikh Nishter is topper of MSc in Refah University in Statics Department Islamabad on 26th Nov, 2016. She got 95.59% marks and 3.77 GPA out of 4.00 in her class. She was honored by President of Islamic Republic of Pakistam Mamnon Husain. (Read more)

 Gold medalist of UC Bakot

Muhammand Mujaid, belonged to Bakot Sherif , have got Gold medal in MA Arabic from NUML University Islamabad. He was honored by Ex Army Chief Gen. Raheel Shareif.
Other Educational honors of sons of UC Birote

Asst Prof. Qasim Abbasi, belonged to Village Council of Birote Khurd,  UC Birote, have got medal from Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad. Islamabad. He was 1st honored by Ex Army Chief Gen. Raheel Shareif, than Bregd Wajid Qayoum, the Principal. He is also a media advisor of his college. He belonged to a noble Nikodral Dhund Abbasi family from his area and got a recognized position in Pak Army Education department. He passed his SSC from High School Bakote and MSc Physics from Punjab University Lahore. He is Assistant Professor (Grade 18) in Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad. He also possessed three years of teaching experience at Chinar Army Public School at Ghareyal, Murree.
کورکمانڈر ملتان لیفٹیننٹ جنرل عبداللہ ڈوگر
 عباسی صاحب کو پروموشن پر مبارکباد دے رہے ہیں ۔ 
His 2 other brothers are high qualified fellows, First is Tahir Abbasi, who is Principal of Pine Hills School Abbottabad and Second is Zahir Abbasi (MBA), Accounts Officer at Accounts Office in the same city. His two sisters are also educationists ..... Tabassam Abbasi and Uzma Abbasi are both Mathematics laureates, teachers at APS, PMA Kakule, Abbottabad. Other sister Salma Kosar Abbasi is Master of Islamic Studies and she is serving the nation.